E. H. Shepard

Establishing a quintessentially 'British' heritage brand to reignite a latent interest in renowned artist and illustrator Ernest Howard Shepard (1879-1976). The Man who drew Winnie-the-Pooh.

Project Overview

Project Overview

BS+A was commissioned to develop a new brand and online presence to raise awareness and increase the profile of the famous artist and illustrator, E. H. Shepard who is most famously known for illustrating Winnie-the-Pooh and The Wind in the Willows. We feel privileged to undertake this special project for The Shepard Trust.
A Brand And Digital Identity For A Global Icon
Strategy & Innovation
Business & Activation
Social Media
Creative Direction
Project Brief
The Shepard Trust has tasked BS+A with a long-term effort to establish a comprehensive digital presence for E. H. Shepard. The goal is to act on the Trust’s mission to protect, promote and preserve the literary & artistic estate of Shepard. This project encompassed crafting a distinct brand identity and robust online platform for the E. H. Shepard brand, involving intricate research, design, and navigation of copyright complexities.
BS+A developed a coherent brand strategy involving the messaging, visual identity, and strict guidelines for the brand. A website allowing for the growth of a global community is being launched and creation of consistent social media assets are bringing the vision to life, showcasing Shepard’s work to a global audience. Collaboration with prestigious global stakeholders was vital to ensure effective communication of Shepard's life and work, while managing project-specific challenges.Distilled key brand values from Shepard's work. Created a distinctive brand identity. Developed a cohesive visual language.
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Key Services and Outcomes
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Brand Strategy

- Distilled key brand values from Shepard's work

- Created a distinctive brand identity

- Developed a cohesive visual language

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UX Design

- Designed an intuitive, engaging online platform

- Showcased artwork through interactive interfaces

- Ensured accessibility and responsiveness

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Brand Activation

- Collaborated globally for effective communication.

- Seamless digital unveiling and product monetization strategy

- Managed copyright and sensitivities adeptly.

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