Crafting a new online wellness platform, blending approachable design and seamless navigation for seasoned wellness enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Project Overview

Project Overview

Working with a wellness brand, BS+A explored design concepts for a new online wellness hub. Our task has involved identifying the brand’s niche in the crowded wellness landscape while staying true to it’s essence. The results produced a comprehensive, user-friendly site packed with wellness content. Our design embodies an athletic vibe, yet remains inviting for newcomers to the wellness scene.
Brand and Design Concepts
Strategy & Innovation
Creative Direction
Brand Identity & Guidelines
UI/UX Design
Marketing Campaigns
Project Brief
The client initially sought collaboration with BS+A to conceptualise and design an innovative health and wellness online platform. The project necessitated an extensive strategic phase aimed at pinpointing the distinct space Thrivewell could occupy within the competitive digital health and wellness sphere. Our primary objective was to not only establish a compelling brand identity but also to ensure its design resonated with current trends, while deeply integrating essential UX/UI principles.
The project culminated in the comprehensive conceptualisation and visualisation of the Thrivewell brand. Together, we determined essential pages and sections, creating wireframes and prioritising user experience across them. Filled with diverse content, the platform required highly intuitive navigation to seamlessly guide users to their desired information. Furthermore, the UI design was crafted to be both trendy and timeless, striking a balance between sporty aesthetics and approachable simplicity. The goal was to make the site inviting and accessible, particularly for users new to the world of wellness.
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Key Services and Outcomes
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UX Design

- Plan navigation for diverse offerings.

- Implement user-centric solutions.

- Review and refine user flows for intuitive browsing.

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UI Design

- Reflect Thrivewell's essence: athletic yet approachable.

- Balance boldness for standout appeal in wellness.

- Crafted a seamless, user-friendly visual experience.

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