BS+A and Aligner Intelligence disrupt orthodontic category with redefining platform

Disruption is coming to the Health-Tech World.

International creative consultancy BS+A partners with Aligner Intelligence, a bold health tech startup, to shake up the patient experience of clear aligner treatment. Built by BS+A, Aligner Intelligence is launching a category-defining online service poised to disrupt the market.

The start-up hopes to disrupt a very traditional consulting process with a game-changing paradigm shift by leveraging BS+A's no-code rapid development abilities.

"Our strategy, branding, and user-centred design expertise perfectly align with their audacious mission: to create the ultimate seamless and optimised patient experience through transformative technology."

"We are very excited to work side by side with the team at Aligner Intelligence in changing orthodontic care from its very base," said Alexander Squires, Director at BS+A.

Brand identity was established that included a name, visual elements, and cohesive strategy. Following substantial industry research and usability testing, BS+A developed a prototype MVP to validate the product-market fit of the idea. It helped ensure the idea was valid and that the platform did indeed meet industry demand. That success saw it developed into a full-scale, production-ready web app.

Some functionalities of the Aligner Intelligence platform include:

User-focused design: The platform informs and helps human needs by being user-friendly through intuitive navigation and logical flow, based on research, interviews, and personas.

Better integration: The user interface is able to do its integration with the strong functionality on the back-end, hence giving a clear, single solution to dentists and clinicians.

Continuous improvement. Even after the launch, our finger remains on the pulse. User feedback is constantly watched, and features updated and improved to keep up with their continuously evolving needs.

The launch of the Aligner Intelligence platform, powered by BS+A's no-code fast development, is likely to change the game in the clear aligner treatment industry and, finally, to the benefit of both the practitioner and patient.

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